Gray Media Lab


Alexa Gray | Founder & Creative Director

As the Founder and Creative Director of the boutique content creation and brand management company, Gray Media Lab, Alexa makes it her mission to provide innovative and design-focused brands with a comprehensive range of services to clarify their image, increase visibility, and make big strides towards achieving their goals through thoughtful marketing strategies.

With a BA in Fine Art Photography from the Bard College in Red Hook, New York and a Health Coaching Certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Alexa offers a refined approach to aesthetics along with a holistic approach to branding, marketing, and content creation, ensuring that her clients feel supported in building a presence that truly embodies their core values, while captivating their unique audience.

When Alexa isn’t crafting up impactful social media marketing campaigns and developing creative content for clients, she can often be found contributing to her health and wellness blog, Super Food Super Life, a passion project through which she shares informative and fun articles on a variety of topics from nutrition to conscious living and everything in between.


Michelle Gerrard Marriott | Social Lead and Engagement Specialist

Michelle Gerrard-Marriott is a Vegan Recipe Developer, Freelance Writer and Editor. She is on on our team as a Social Media Manager and Engagement Specialist. She is a lover of travel and experiencing everything the world has to offer. An activist for change and a lover of the environment. Find more of her magic over on her instagram @thevibrantkitchen



Jennifer Sacks | Creative Director & Stylist

Jennifer is our resident baker and newest creative team member. She has 8 years of experience working as a creative producer and art director in film and tv for companies such as Netflix, Awesomeness TV and their sister channel, Awestruck TV. Over the course of her career she has learned how to weave storytelling with advertising to focus on brand visions while bringing in new viewership and expanded consumer interest. Her attention to detail is sharp and her motivations are fueled by a love for people and individual practices of moral and ethical integrity. She believes that her best work comes from a place of belief in the brand, the story, or transparency of the product she is asked to assist, in addition to an emphasis on collaborative effort between herself, her team, and the client.


Tess Wachter | Lead Writer & Content Creator

Tess is a Los Angeles native who has lived her life working and studying in the arts. She writes, paints, and photographs. She has also studied theater acting in both Los Angeles and New York. Professionally, Tess has channeled her creative expression into photography, photoshoot production, and merchandising for an LA-based vintage fashion company. Now she brings her writing and eye for imagery + design to Gray Media Lab to help elevate representation on social media for earth-conscious brands and clients who work to contribute positively.