Gray Media Lab


Alexa Gray | Founder & Creative Director

Alexa received her Bachelor Degree as a fine art photographer from the Bard College in Red Hook, New York. After her undergraduate studies she became a Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Alexa then utilized both of her passions to create the successful health and wellness blog Through this experience she began working with like-minded brands, supporting them with passion to build their content, develop creative ways to get noticed in the public eye, land space in brand building stores, and handle their social media accounts. She is presently the founder and creative director of the boutique content creation and brand management company, Gray Media Lab. Gray Media Lab is a dynamic agency and platform designed to take their clients’ branding to the next level creatively, letting the companies’ true authenticity and purpose be the leading force. 


Michael Gray | Film Director 

After graduating Emerson's Visual Media Arts program, Michael made the jump into commercial, short film, documentary, and music video directing. Michael's passion for creating unique video content has influenced millions of viewers. Michael dedicates his craft towards translating feelings through the visual medium and allowing an audience to fall into the moments created on screen. 


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Deeana Robin | Creative Assistant 

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Deeana joined the Gray Media Lab team after working at the media investment firm The Tornante Company. She is a lover of the entertainment industry and is fascinated by the power of Social Media. A writer at heart, most of her free time is spent developing screenplays. Working in Branding and Marketing excites her as these fields combine two of her passions: business and the creative process.